Environmental Education & Community Leadership Program

Working to train leaders with a deep sense of place and the knowledge, skills, and abilities to be agents of change within the community

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6th grade student presentation

Since 1998, the Prescott College Kino Bay Center Environmental Education and Community Leadership Program (EEP) has contributed to the mission of the Center and to the conservation agenda in the region by working to foster environmental awareness, community stewardship and leadership skills that are directly linked to building the social capital vital to achieving conservation goals in the region. The program currently reaches 600 community members between the ages of six and seventeen through weekly classroom sessions, field activities, and community projects. Since 2000, the EEP has reached more than 3,000 students in a community of 6,000. The EEP also works collaboratively to offer community events, workshops for teachers, education authorities, parents, resource users and other community members.

Preparatory School Social Service and Professional Practicum Program

Preparatory School Social Service and Professional Practicum Program

Beginning in 2010, the EEP and the preparatory school have selected 5 to 7 preparatory school students to complete their social service or professional practicum requirement in collaboration with the Prescott College Kino Bay Center.  This requirement provides students with opportunities to develop professional skills through involvement with all programs at the Center. Students have worked with administration, data collection and entry, marine mammal photo-identification, web page design and environmental education. Every student is assigned a staff member as a mentor who supervises his or her experience.