Conservation Planning and Management

The Wetlands Conservation and Community Projects Program is coordinating the creation of a plan for the conservation and management of Laguna La Cruz. The management plan will serve as an instrument for the planning and regulation that establishes the activities, actions, and basic guidelines for the operation and administration of priority areas for conservation. Collaboration with diverse institutions and community involvement in decision making has been indispensable throughout the creation of the management plan . Some of the achievements in the planning and management process are:

 The creation of the Group Specialized in Conservation of the Humedales (GETH)

This group is made up of various academic institutions, government officials, and community leaders of Bahia de Kino. This group works to evaluate the state of the wetlands in the region and make decisions about their management. 

Inter-institutional collaborations and community group support

The Center has created inter-institutional work plans with both CONANP (the National Commission of Natural Protected Areas) and the University of Sonora. These collaborations will respond to emerging problems in the wetlands of the region and unite efforts in the creation of the management plan. In addition, the Center is supporting community groups in soliciting funding and by providing skill building workshops. Some of the groups we collaborate with are: Grupo Tortuguero de Bahía de Kino (Sea turtle monitoring), Grupo de Pajarólogas (Waterbird Monitoring) of Laguna La Cruz and Oysterculture and business owners of la Laguna La Cruz.

Design of proposals for sustainable use of the estuaries based on ecotourism

With the scientific information and community organizing efforts that Prescott has made over the past 20 years in the region,  we are generating proposals for sustainable development that will incentivize conservation while also serving as a source of alternative income for the community. The Center is using participatory processes to generate proposals that are congruent with the natural resources in the region and the needs of the community.