Community Projects and Environmental Education

The Wetlands Conservation and Community Projects program collaborates with the Environmental Education Program to share the importance of the coastal ecosystems of the region through diverse activities such as:

  • Participation in ecology classes in the schools of Bahia de Kino.

  • Seminars and field trips focused on the importance of the wetlands.

  • Celebrating events such as World Wetlands Day, environmental fairs, and community clean-ups of the wetlands.

  • Design of diffusion materials about the importance of the wetlands.

The program also supports various community projects and offers free workshops to community conservation groups.


  • Interpretive Center at the San Juan y el Pinito restaurant in Laguna La Cruz
  • Design of an interpretive menu for the restaurant.
  • Removal of the pangas sunk in the sand in the canals of Laguna La Cruz.
  • Underwater cleaning of the canals
  • Creation of a proposal for sustainable tourism in the form of an interpretive path through Laguna La Cruz.   
  • Facilitation of meetings for the creation of the management plan and decision-making around Laguna La Cruz. 
  • Promotion of the opportunities offered by PROCODES and CONANP within the community.


  • Basic Photography
  • Identification of potential tourist sites
  • Identification of birds in Laguna La Cruz
  • How to utilize the public consultation process for proposed development projects in the community