Safety information

To begin with, Prescott College is renowned for its field-based educational program safety and risk management. The Kino Bay Center is dedicated to providing the best possible field experiences to all visiting students, researchers and other guests.  We are proud of our success over the last twenty years at managing risk and avoiding serious injuries and emergencies.

Hands-on experience

The educational mission and philosophy of Prescott College is built upon hands-on experience that often cannot be entirely realized in a classroom. Fieldwork and experiential education are cornerstones of the College’s curriculum.

Risk Management

Prescott College recognizes that not all elements of risk can be eliminated all of the time in the field setting and many risks are inherent to the activity itself. The College chooses to acknowledge, accept, and manage risk, rather than de-emphasize its existence. Risk management and sound judgment are integral to the field-based experiential education process at Prescott College. They are woven into all field activities and modeled to students by the words and actions of each instructor. Risk management involves not only precautions to prevent accidents, but also a “what if” approach toward every experience.

Field Manuals

All instructors from the college should be familiar with the preceeding text from the Prescott College Faculty Field Manual  and are required to have a copy with them during field courses.  In addition we have developed a supplement to that field manual This Kino Bay Center Supplement to the Faculty Field Manual  includes  activity standards and procedures that apply more specifically to courses and activities conducted at the Kino Bay Center for Cultural and Ecological Studies, in Sonora, Mexico. Faculty should be familiar with the information in both manuals.