Information Center

Connecting Science, Community, And Conservation Through Information Dissemination And Technology

Information management and the facilitation of information exchange are core responsibilities and full-time obligations of field stations with long-term research, conservation and education commitments in a region. The Kino Bay Center Information Center (IC) connects community members, researchers, resource managers and students with each other and with information about the region. The functions of the IC are to organize, collect, document, design, display and distribute information in an engaging and widely accessible manner. The goal is to raise awareness of the work done at the Center and facilitate information exchange toward collaborative multicultural approaches addressing the complicated conservation issues facing the region. 

Visual imagery has an important role in conservation action, communication, and education. Images can convey complex concepts in a succinct manner, and the utilization of visual tools and graphic design can improve understanding of complex issues and foster multicultural collaboration. 

The Center maintains the following information resources:

  • A non-lending library of approximately 850 books focused on the ecology, conservation and cultural diversity of the region.
  • A bibliographical database of over 1000 articles and resources of regional interest.
  • A bibliographical database of articles publishing results of projects conducted through the Kino Bay Center.
  • A map collection of topographical, geologic, geographic and political maps of the region.
  • A collection of scientific posters on topics researched through the field station.
  • A growing number of natural history and informational posters and displays.
  • A weather station database.
  • A database of research, education and conservation projects, institutions and researchers supported through the field station.
  • A photo database including 1000’s of categorized photos depicting the floral, faunal and cultural diversity of the region as well as the educational, research and conservation activities conducted through the field station.
  • A website summarizing the activities and resources of the field station.
  • A meta-database (in development) summarizing the data sets collected as a result of work done through the field station

In addition to the physical information resources maintained by the field station, The Kino Bay Center regularly hosts training workshops and regional conferences. These events serve to connect and strengthen the interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and community-based nature of work done in the region.

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