Conservation Fellowship Program

Fostering Community Engagement And Career Development For Young Professionals

The Conservation Fellowship Program was established in 1998 to build capacity for addressing regional environmental education, science, community and conservation goals. The Program deepens the Kino Bay Center’s ability to make tangible contributions to conservation and scientific understanding of the region’s marine and coastal biodiversity, as well as implements environmental education and partnerships with the nearby Comcaac indigenous community toward building capacity for local participation in conservation, education and sustainable development. As of 2015, 47 fellowships have been awarded to scientists and educators from seven countries (Mexico, Spain, Columbia, Scotland, England, Ireland and the U.S.). Fellowship projects have been conducted in the areas of seabird ecology, island ecology and management, estuary ecology and management, marine mammal ecology, shrimp trawler by-catch studies, community- based conservation, information sharing and media, indigenous community partnership building, and environmental education & community leadership. Fellows take primary roles in cooperative and applied conservation, research, and experiential education. Many Fellows have gone on to pursue further academic or professional work making ongoing contributions to conservations in the region.