High School Partnerships

Inspiring And Challenging Youth In Language, Environmental And Marine Studies

We, at the Kino Bay Center, are experts in tailoring custom designed programs for educational groups in marine studies, Spanish and cultural immersion, environmental studies, and more. The frequency and type of outings and field based activities are dependent on the needs and desires of each individual school.

Our programs focus on both academic and personal growth, and emphasize the value of intercultural and mutual learning alongside host families and community members. All programs have classroom and field components. For sample program schedules and more information please check out the Marine Studies and Spanish Intensive and Cultural Immersion pages.

In addition to our programming expertise, we have extensive Safety and Risk Management knowledge and practice that make for a safe and encouraging atmosphere for learning and growth. 

For more information or to start planning your program, please contact Lorayne Meltzer, Director of the Kino Bay Center.